product videos why

Customers  orientate themselves on the Internet, because they have a problem or a need. Productvideos - presentationvideos - instructionvideos - demonstrationvideos from VCC can change the buying behaviour of potential customers so the purchase decision is made in your store or in your online shop and not at your competitor.

Consumers today want more and more information and want this information in an easy way. With a productvideo - presentationvideo - instructionvideo - demonstrationvideo , customers / consumers see your product in even better way  and in detail. Many shop visitor does not settle with just a photo of the product with some specifications. Online consumers are increasingly demanding, professional product videos in which the product is professionally presented.  Of importance here is that the presenter knows how a product should be demonstrated on screen and how the USPs (Unique Selling Points) of your product can be visualized.

Good product-videos are online, as in your Webshop, nowadays a must have. But also off-line video plays an important role, think of the use of product films in stores (Instore-video), narrowcasting and at trade fairs. Don’t you want that your message loud and clear in your store or on the Internet? And that your product is purchased in your shop or on your site and not at your competitor?

We offer a Full Service.

  • The core business of the VideoContentCompany is producing productvideos and video content recorded with multiple cameras (multi-cam), demonstrated and presented by an experienced product host.
  • You send us the product and a product description.
  • We produce your productvideos including presenter and multi-cam editing at very, very competitive prices. We also send your products after the shooting back.
  • This concept will cost you very little time, so you can get on with your core business.

You can as a manufacturer, wholesaler, importer or online-shop owner give our product videos to your reseller, free of rights. So your resellers can place your productvideos on their own website,  or use them on trade fairs or in store.  Than they can see the full force of the product-video and what it can do for them in their sales support online or offline.

At Video Content Company we work with a small team. All professionals with long years of experience, mostly gained in the TV industry. Therefore VCC is also very capable to produce your  e-learning videos, corporate films, company-journals, 3D motion graphics in a catchy video for you.