Teleshopping tv shows & live shopping online productions

Liveshopping | Social shopping the new E-commerce trend

Live shopping – or live commerce also called social shopping – is the new trend in E-commerce and is currently very successfully applied by many brands and online stores in China. Live shopping has a lot in common with the live teleshop channels that we know in Germany as QVC, HSE and 123tv.

Live video shopping or social shopping means (just like with the live teleshop channels) that the product is shown and demonstrated live in a live stream so that you can help your customers in your target group with their purchases by showing your products in a fun and interactive way.

In collaboration with Invicta Stores Europe, VCC produces a weekly Liveshopping livestreaming broadcast of almost one hour in English for the European market. Livestreamed on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin and their own website Invicta Stores Europe. The Invicta watch enthusiasts can interactively participate in the live shopping show by asking questions that are also answered live. This increases the engagement enormously, not only among buyers / collectors towards the Invicta brand online, but also in their physical stores in Europe and worldwide.

Watch here a recent Live Shopping Show for Invicta Watches.


In collaboration with MY iMenso jewellery we produced a Live-shopping livestream where they introduced the latest collection where also the viewers/customers directly could respond on the Live Shopping Show. 

Watch here a Live Shopping Show for MY iMenso jewellery



VCC Video Content Company has more than 20 years of experience in producing and presenting live teleshopping and homeshopping broadcasts for, among others, RTL 5 and SBS 6. Furthermore, VCC is actively involved (or has been involved) both in front of and behind the camera at Teleshop channels in the Netherlands such as HomeShoppingEurope. , Liveshop, Suus and in Germany as HSE24, QVC, TierTV, BTV4U, Sonnenklar and currently at in Munich and ShopLC in Düsseldorf.

Horlogeuur: In cooperation with Invicta Watch Group we produced a series of Teleshopping TV show, broadcasted on SBS6 in The Netherlands. In these teleshop show we sold several Invicta watches during this one hour show with a lot of branding opportunities for the brand Invicta.

TV Teleshopping producties NL    TV Teleshopping Productions Eng

WebShopTV: For RTL 5, we have produced a series of tele shop tv broadcasts. In WebShopTV webshops have the opportunity to sell a product directly through their web store with a lot of branding opportunities for their brand  through our own TV format.

What can VCC VideoContentCompany do for your brand with a Live-shopping show produced by VCC?

  • Create a live online customer experience with your brand
  • Creating (if wanted) direct sales through your online shop
  • Direct communication with your community during the live shopping show
  • Broadcasting to several social media platforms simultaneously
  • Building up trust and brand awareness about your products by story building

What do we need to produce a live-shopping show for your brand

  •  In the most simple way         2 laptops with 2 Skype accounts
  •  One laptop for the host on your side and one laptop who is functioning as a close-up camera to show the products
  •  A host/storyteller on your site / in your studio
  •  If available product photos and videos
  •  If wanted a social media person to respond to the comments
  •  That’s it

What brings VCC to the table

  •  More than 20 years of experience in selling products on air and online
  •  Our VCC greenscreen studio in Oldenzaal, Holland with good lighting, good sound, multi-camera setting and professional video-streaming equipment
  •  If wanted multi lingual tv-host René Kogelman but other hosts are available
  •  Producing of the live-shopping show