• Show your product and /or service in a productvideo presented and demonstrated by a VCC host. If desired in multiple languages​​.

  • A picture says more than 1000 words! So imagine what a video of Video Content Company can do for you

  • A productvideo increases sales and conversion. A corporate video ensures maximal attention of branding your company

  • Product videos, corporate videos, e-learning video, tutorials, company-news etc.You ask and we shoot your video content

  • Your video content displayed online on your website or webshop, or offline at tradeshows, in-store or narrowcasting. VCC make it happen

video editing

Video Content Company provides the (multi-cam) video editing of various projects like presented product-videos, corporate videos, presentations, interviews, documentaries, commercials, music videos and events.

Our cameramen all have their own editing suite features including Apple Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro and professional audio equipment.

Depending on the job we perform the edit independently or with a director during editing.

Color correction

In some productions, some form of color correction is needed. We can provide the different shots with by color correction so they better complement each other. For color correction we use e.g. Final Cut Pro.


Of course VCC can ad titles, graphics, animation and special effects to the video. And merge the different layers of video. Compositing can be in HD and SD video resolution  or uncompressed, for the highest quality.


If desired, sound effects and music clips can be added to the video. Also any 'cuts' are muted, eg. by adding noise.
In the final mix all these soundtracks themselves will be balanced.


our personalities

Your productvideos, corporate video, business news, tutorials, e-learning video hosted in Dutch, German, English, French, Italian or Russian it is possible with a video of VCC  Video Content Company.

We work with experienced (TV) presenters and our international online-hosts speak in addition to their native language often multiple languages​​.

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Video Content Company is your partner for producing product videos, corporate videos, business news, tutorials, e-learning videos ect.

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