• Show your product and /or service in a productvideo presented and demonstrated by a VCC host. If desired in multiple languages​​.

  • A picture says more than 1000 words! So imagine what a video of Video Content Company can do for you

  • A productvideo increases sales and conversion. A corporate video ensures maximal attention of branding your company

  • Product videos, corporate videos, e-learning video, tutorials, company-news etc.You ask and we shoot your video content

  • Your video content displayed online on your website or webshop, or offline at tradeshows, in-store or narrowcasting. VCC make it happen

Is it possible to us already existing photo and film material for new video content?

Yes it is. Our only request is that the photos willbe supplied in JPEG formatat 1920 x 1080 pixel (this is the widescreen 16 to 9)
We prefer that film footage be delivered in MPEG4 format 1920 x 1080 pixels and otherwise in a pre-arranged agreement. It is also importantis that you legally own the images and/or have written evidence that you can use these images and/or animations for your own video content.



What we offer you

We offer an all in one hand concept. From your idea to the final implementation. A total solution.

Video Content Company has many years experience in the optimal visualization of products and services through explanation and demonstration.

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how can we help you

Seeking video content for your business, online and / or offline?

Video Content Company is your partner for producing product videos, corporate videos, business news, tutorials, e-learning videos ect.

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