• Show your product and /or service in a productvideo presented and demonstrated by a VCC host. If desired in multiple languages​​.

  • A picture says more than 1000 words! So imagine what a video of Video Content Company can do for you

  • A productvideo increases sales and conversion. A corporate video ensures maximal attention of branding your company

  • Product videos, corporate videos, e-learning video, tutorials, company-news etc.You ask and we shoot your video content

  • Your video content displayed online on your website or webshop, or offline at tradeshows, in-store or narrowcasting. VCC make it happen

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TV host Rene Kogelman is a highly experienced product presenter. He was TV presenter at various home shopping channels and tele-shopping channels at home and abroad. René has translated this knowledge from TV to web TV. You can benefit from his TV sales experience. Increase your sales with products videos in your webshop, webstore, online shop. A product video professionally present and demonstrate by shop-presenter Rene Kogelman.

This knowledgeand experience has been the basis for initially webshoppresentator.nl & Onlineshopmoderator.de  to start a company that soon turned into the current VCC VideoContentCompany.com

René is a driven and passionate entrepreneur. His love for sales and presentation in front of the camera for the first time merged with Tele Shop Channel Home Shopping Europe. There is, where the  love for product sales in front of the camera started that ultimately led to Video Content Company whose core business is the production of presented product videos.



Mob. +31(0)653.124.129

Linkedin : http://www.linkedin.com/in/renekogelman

Xing: http://www.xing.com/profile/Rene_Kogelman

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VCCproductvideo

Cees - cees@videocontentcompany.com

Rob - Rob@videocontentcompany.com

Our 3D motion graphic’s man:
Ceasare - ceasare@videocontentcompany.com

Our VSEO specialist
Joris - Joris@videocontentcompany.com

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Your productvideos, corporate video, business news, tutorials, e-learning video hosted in Dutch, German, English, French, Italian or Russian it is possible with a video of VCC  Video Content Company.

We work with experienced (TV) presenters and our international online-hosts speak in addition to their native language often multiple languages​​.

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We offer an all in one hand concept. From your idea to the final implementation. A total solution.

Video Content Company has many years experience in the optimal visualization of products and services through explanation and demonstration.

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Seeking video content for your business, online and / or offline?

Video Content Company is your partner for producing product videos, corporate videos, business news, tutorials, e-learning videos ect.

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